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Who is Kravshop Netherlands

Independently owned and operated in the Netherlands.  Kravshop.nl is the first Kravshop European store to provide Krav Maga training and casual wear to the European Krav Maga community. 

History - The idea for an online Krav Maga store was conceived in Brisbane Australia, while the founding members were operating a number of Krav Maga training facilities. At this time, there were very limited choices in Krav Maga apparel, with only a few different logos, designs and colors to choose from. After a year of planning and research they launched Kravshop.com in early 2005.  Read more about Kravshop!



Our Product Range

We test all our products for you by training and working out in everything we sell, to make sure they are comfortable, safe and of the highest quality. The products we offer on Kravshop will either help protect, enhance or bring encouragement to your life. You can choose from a variety of different Krav Maga logos and organizations including Krav Maga Worldwide, Krav Maga Alliance and Israeli Krav Maga. We stock close to 80 different products in a variety of colors and styles; Men's and Women's Krav Maga training apparel (t-shirts/pants), Krav Maga training weapons (knives/handguns/long guns), The Ultimate Krav Maga DVD series - Beginner, intermediate and advanced, Krav Maga books, battle tested military style training bags, pants and training equipment and much more. 

Our Guarantee

We test all of our Krav Maga products rigorously until we are 100% satisfied our customers will be 100% satisfied! All our products are stored in our Dutch warehouse, with no drop shipping or consignments. What you see online is what we carry! Read more about our awesome guarantee.

Kravshop.nl offers:

vinkje.png More then 70 Krav Maga products available.

vinkje.png Safe payment methods. (iDeal, Paypal, Creditcard)

vinkje.png The highest quality Krav Maga clothes and products.

vinkje.png Delivery throughout whole Europe.

Training Tip #1 - Awareness

Before we talk about actual objects we can use as defensive weapons, we must train ourselves to increase our level of, what the military and law enforcement sometimes call, ‘situational awareness’.

This simply means look and see in an active, engaged way. Obviously different situations require different levels of awareness. Entering a poorly lit car park or hallway at night requires a different level of awareness than say, sitting at home in an easy chair reading.



Training Tip #2 – Shielding Objects

Let's now talk about the importance of using stationary shielding and barrier type objects such as walls, posts, columns, trees, fences etc. These can all be used to create a barrier between you and a threat.

By their nature, in most cases we have to maneuver behind these objects. Most times, provided the attacker is not using a weapon that fires a projectile, distance and some type of barrier will defeat the attack.

Training Tip #3 – Common Objects

Common Objects exist all around us in almost any environment we work, live and move in. If you are in an outside/inside environment such as a bus stop, walking to your car, jogging in a park, eating at a restaurant or coffee shop you will almost always find sticks, rocks, sand or dirt, trees (for shielding) park benches (for shielding) trash cans, chairs and tables.

You must start identifying these types of objects, NOW. You must make it apart of your training when you leave your Krav Maga class or studio.

read more about these training tips

Our Newsletter

"With their cutting-edge filming methods and top-notch production values,
the Ultimate Krav Maga DVDs have raised the bar for self-defense instruction."

- Black Belt Magazine

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